Digitizing the Auto Business

Case Platform is a unique no-code platform for developing enterprise applications, which enables you to solve any business task without software developers. It allows for implementing flexible and accessible systems for workflow management processes and lays the foundation for fast and adaptive digitalization in the future.



Automating workflow processes

Case Platform contains an extensive library of prebuilt configurations, which allows for creating forms, generating reports and launching enterprise solutions of any complexity for the auto industry.

Creating an ecosystem of enterprise applications

Launch and test new software solutions for employees and customers based on the real business needs. Make fast changes and deploy applications for the car business.

Involving experts and professionals

Use practical experience of Case Platform employees to come up with and implement new ideas for improving customer experience. Respond to changes adaptively and quickly, and scale solutions effectively.

Key Advantage of Case Platform for the Auto Business

Numerous opportunities for automating all department processes, from the procurement department of an auto parts store to strategic planning, marketing, risk monitoring and corporate training. Reduced cost of software platform development. An extensive toolkit for any task, from order processing to system analytics. Expedited automation of the car business.

Common Application Types
Used in this Field

Industry leaders successfully use no-code platforms for auto dealers to debug key processes and facilitate digitalization. The car business has high demand for full-cycle CRM systems that are able to support any activity, from attracting customers and concluding the first contract with a client to making purchases and further car sales. This product contains prebuilt modules for launching and organizing key processes of auto manufacturers, auto dealers, captive banks and other fields of the car business, such as:

➔        Global customer base

➔        Sales management

➔        Partner management

➔        Corporate information consolidation

➔        Increasing marketing efficiency

➔        Client service management

➔        Electronic document flow

➔        Analytics and accounting

No-code platforms make it possible to create a single entry point for both customer service and employee performance. Internal systems, client services, end-to-end processes involving a partner network — any functionality can be implemented. The no-code development technology allows for creating a common space with quick data access for all departments and branches.

Advantages of No-Code
for the Auto Industry

Autonomous, flexible and quick process of creating and implementing new solutions

The minimum period of deploying applications for auto dealers is reduced to 1-2 weeks. Big-budget projects with months-long implementation periods are now a thing of the past. With no-code tools, field experts can apply their skills to the development process — from forming an idea to prototype iteration and launching the application.

Reducing the cost of IT professionals

Low-code tools are intended for non-programmers — for example, experts, process owners, and analysts. With a library of prebuilt configurations, anyone is able to apply and digitize their experience, quickly prove a hypothesis and test the resulting product without involving high-paid software engineers.

Accelerating business automation

Speeding up the process of developing and launching new applications contributes to reducing expenses and increasing business profitability. According to the statistics, almost 60% of all user applications are currently developed outside of the IT department. No-code tools allow for developing functional applications that can be easily integrated into bigger work processes.

No-code Platforms are a Reliable Way of Fast Automation

The global car industry is currently going through a technology boom. Along with self-driving cars, the principles of low-code and no-code development are actively introduced and explored. Automating auto dealers without coding simplifies the creation of enterprise solutions and reduces the cost of developing new applications by 90%. No-code services transform traditional production solutions..

Industry experts talk about global democratization of the development process and the acceleration of enterprise innovations. Unlike traditional programming that imposes strict requirements on learning and writing code, no-code tools significantly lower the entry barrier and allow for creating applications without programming skills.

Due to intelligent user interfaces, people are able to develop processes using the drag-n-drop method. No-code platforms make it possible to quickly respond to the business needs with minimal expenses and reduce the application deployment period from several months to several days.

How does it help the business?

No-code tools allow you to solve problems of internal and external customers in real time and accelerate companies’ digitalization. This solution uses visual configuration tools. Corporate analysts who do not possess programming skills can expand existing applications and create new ones.  No-code platforms allow for reducing the time and cost of development, redistributing resources and redirecting them to more important business tasks. The speed of solution implementation is a key feature of this technology. Visual no-code interfaces bridge the gap between ideas and functional applications, helping to bring products to the market faster. Efficient processes of cross-functional communications are highly important for business. Traditional application development entails risk of disconnection between business leaders and IT teams. No-code solutions eliminate this problem, providing transparency and collaboration between teams. No-code platforms do not require programming experience any employee who knows the process can participate in bringing ideas to life. Working with no-code platforms does not require a deep dive into coding. Since there is no need for hiring professional engineers — neither for development nor for further maintenance — developing no-code systems for the car business helps to avoid wasting IT department resources and the company budget. This leads to process acceleration without spending on technical specialists’ services. As a result, business departments are able to concentrate on what is really important: on gaining a competitive advantage, which benefits the company’s overall performance metrics.


Data model builder
Typically, it is used by a designer analyst who is part of the developer team. They build a data model suitable for the specifics of the developed application.
Data model builder
Typically, it is used by a designer analyst who is part of the developer team. They build a data model suitable for the specifics of the developed application.


Over 50 000

daily applications

20% faster

application submission

27% faster

car loan issuing





Case Platform Description

Case Platform is a cross-functional platform that allows teams to create, collaboratively use and automate configurable work processes for getting data-based results. The tool uses graphic interfaces and a vast library of configurations. More than 1000 ready-made solutions are available for developing and adapting models to specific business tasks. Case Platform automates processes of complex systems for their quick adaptation and scaling.

The platform for the auto business allows for developing CRM systems for sales departments, social network calendars for marketing departments, and systems for client and counterparty validation. Implementing software solutions on the universal platform allows for integrating multiple separate systems into one.

Listed below are the functions that Case Platform can offer:

➔        Automating work processes and development processes for getting data-based results.

➔        Constant data monitoring.

➔        Tools for collaborative work.

➔        Intuitive and accessible user interface.

➔        CRM systems for auto dealers.

➔        Key process optimization.

Case Platform allows users to create all kinds of interfaces for solving top-priority tasks. It supports resource planning to unite business departments, time management tools, and a wide variety of integrations with other auto dealer systems. Case Platform is one of the best no-code platforms to accelerate enterprise system development. Analysts with no programming experience can easily use this tool for creating applications without any budget restrictions.


A centralized procurement department where all company departments located in different places can make purchases through a common organization.
A specialized software product designed to automate working with both corporate and retail clients. Its purpose is to increase the speed of making decisions and decrease their risk levels.
Call center
Multifunctional software that expands the technical capabilities of call center employees, stimulates and improves their performance, decreases their load and allows for automatically distributing calls by categories of operators.
A marketing platform for configuring, managing and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. The solution is based on data analysis and doesn’t require any specific programming skills.
Project management
A system that allows for monitoring and correcting the state of projects and timely informing responsible employees on the necessity of conducting certain events.
document management
Technologies of document flow automation that are aimed at creating, ratifying, sending, receiving, tracking and storing documents in digital form. All that is needed for their verification is an account with configured access rights and a digital signature.
technical support
A portal for working with applications: processing tasks and applications, getting data from external systems, and generating reports.
ground handling
A universal information window for enterprise management. A solution for displaying information about the execution of a daily flight/transfer plan.
A system for budget management.
Debt management
A system that allows for automating all stages of handling overdue debts, including judicial ana execution proceedings, working with bankruptcies, sales and debt relief.
Risk Monitoring
An information system for identifying and preventing risk events in organizations.
ASAD system
of document analysis
Working with risk events and performing an intellectual analysis of unstructured texts (mail, email, arbitration documents, etc.) for identifying risk events related to objects (individuals and companies). Creating a profile of objects and predicting risks for each of them.


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