Software Development for Marketing

A company’s marketing activity requires fast and flexible software tools that allow for fast deployment, testing and launching a product. Traditional development is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Implementing a project under this approach takes months: by the time the solution is launched, it may have lost its relevance or required new improvements. These problems are successfully solved by Case Platform — an application designer based on the No-Code concept, which allows for creating business applications without software developers. The platform reduces development costs, increases business profitability and speeds up product launches.

Tasks Solved by the System

The main task solved by Case Platform is the development of corporate information systems and applications without the participation of technical specialists. An employee without any IT education or experience — a business unit manager, a product owner, or an industry expert — can “develop” software in the designer. Why is this important and why is it needed? No-code platforms bridge the gap between the idea and its implementation. Any business analyst familiar with the customer’s needs can adapt a ready-made solution to their task. Alternatively, they can create a new solution using the library of modules, launch it, put it to the test, and, If necessary, make quick adjustments.

The Case Platform toolkit is represented by visual designers and modules with the preconfigured functionality — for example, integration with bulk mailing systems. The development environment includes the functionality for generating analytical and statistical reports that improve the company's business performance.

Platform Advantage

The main advantage of Case Platform is a high speed of application development for advertising and marketing. How does it work? The designer contains an extensive library of configurations and ready-made functional modules that can be integrated into a business application. New software products are «assembled» using drag-and-drop, taking into account the recommendations of the platform user and the specifics of the organization’s processes. As a result, the speed of developing applications for advertising and marketing increases by 5 times! It is possible to effectively develop applications for an advertising agency as an independent company, or tools for the marketing department of an organization.

What Types of Applications are in Demand?

The most common types of information systems used for marketing management by Russian companies are CRM platforms, call centers, and advertising campaign management systems. Application development for an advertising agency has its own corporate specifics, which affect the level of demand for specific solutions. You may need to create marketing applications with different functionalities and specific performance requirements.

The workflow of CRM systems places great importance on formalizing various procedures related to sales and customer service. The effectiveness of a call center depends on the key performance indicators of its specialists and the quality of cross-functional interaction. When developing advertising campaigns, it is important to ensure a high degree of procedure automation,flexible strategy management and accurate analytics. The marketing industry requires developing tools for collecting customer feedback.

Case Platform allows for developing all types of marketing solutions in a short time. It ensures high efficiency in creating marketing systems and timely changes to the structure of solutions used in the company. The effectiveness of application development for marketing is based on a number of key advantages of the No-code concept.

Advantages of the No-Code Concept

Traditional programming requires considerable expenses to hire a team of qualified specialists — developers, designers, and testers. In Case Platform, creating a product can be a one-person task. The innovative No-code model has the key advantage: it allows for developing applications for advertising and performing other tasks by efforts of in-house employees who do not have any technical qualifications.

Among the advantages of the No-Code concept are flexibility and versatility. The Case Platform designer can be used to create platforms for advertising and communication, develop corporate information systems and databases. Additional adaptation and optimization can be performed after the system has been launched.

It is easy to master the tools of the no-code platform for developing marketing systems: the platform is accompanied by documentation and a manual presenting information in an accessible way, which simplifies the learning process. As a result, Case Platform can be mastered in 2-3 weeks. To speed up and standardize the learning process, a company can create competence centers, where specialists will be able to regularly gain new knowledge related to developing applications for advertising and apply them in practice.

Why does Marketing Need No-Code?

The development of software solutions is one of the main objects of expenditure in modern companies. The disadvantages of traditional programming include the prolonged development process and high wages of software specialists. Today, high adaptation to the rapidly changing business environment is extremely important. It makes no sense to overpay for product development and wait for several months for a result that may be irrelevant in the new realities. It is important to act here and now. The Case Platform designer allows you to quickly deploy an application when developing a marketing system and reduce expenses by several times. Companies that use No-code platforms do not depend on IT specialists, they are more independent in making and adapting decisions based on the current business indicators.


Data model builder
Typically, it is used by a designer analyst who is part of the developer team. They build a data model suitable for the specifics of the developed application.
Data model builder
Typically, it is used by a designer analyst who is part of the developer team. They build a data model suitable for the specifics of the developed application.

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What is Case Platform for Marketing

Case Platform is designed to develop information systems and marketing applications of any complexity. The platform is in demand in various business fields, such as manufacturing, transport, medicine, activities of state and municipal authorities, and educational organizations. The efficiency of creating advertising platforms is ensured by the rapid implementation of ready-made modules available in the Case Platform marketplace. The library of configurations allows for quickly creating prototypes of corporate solutions with minimal costs for the customer.

The economic efficiency of creating marketing systems using the Case Platform tools can reach 30-80% compared to traditional programming. This factor increases business profitability and allows for redistributing resources to ensure the growth of the key marketing indicators, such as the number of sealed deals, the number of processed applications, and the processing speed.


A centralized procurement department where all company departments located in different places can make purchases through a common organization.
A specialized software product designed to automate working with both corporate and retail clients. Its purpose is to increase the speed of making decisions and decrease their risk levels.
Call center
Multifunctional software that expands the technical capabilities of call center employees, stimulates and improves their performance, decreases their load and allows for automatically distributing calls by categories of operators.
A marketing platform for configuring, managing and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. The solution is based on data analysis and doesn’t require any specific programming skills.
Project management
A system that allows for monitoring and correcting the state of projects and timely informing responsible employees on the necessity of conducting certain events.
document management
Technologies of document flow automation that are aimed at creating, ratifying, sending, receiving, tracking and storing documents in digital form. All that is needed for their verification is an account with configured access rights and a digital signature.
technical support
A portal for working with applications: processing tasks and applications, getting data from external systems, and generating reports.
ground handling
A universal information window for enterprise management. A solution for displaying information about the execution of a daily flight/transfer plan.
A system for budget management.
Debt management
A system that allows for automating all stages of handling overdue debts, including judicial ana execution proceedings, working with bankruptcies, sales and debt relief.
Risk Monitoring
An information system for identifying and preventing risk events in organizations.
ASAD system
of document analysis
Working with risk events and performing an intellectual analysis of unstructured texts (mail, email, arbitration documents, etc.) for identifying risk events related to objects (individuals and companies). Creating a profile of objects and predicting risks for each of them.


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