About the Company

Case Studio’s mission is to make development simple, convenient and accessible, offering everyone the opportunity to create information systems that meet their needs.


Today, digital technologies are a part of every business strategy. Organizations are looking for effective digital solutions to increase their competitive advantage and profitability of their business. We develop no-code/low-code tools that solve the main problems of traditional development and reduce the gap between business and IT.

For this reason, we have created a universal and intuitive low-code designer Case Platform that allows analysts to solve any task and create applications of different complexity without professional programming skills.

What is the result?


Reduction of Time2Market by 5 times


Instant adoption of new technologies without programming


Quick implementation of new systems without high costs


19 years of experience in the IT solutions market

More than 20 partner organizations

More than 50k product users

TOP 2 in the Russian rating of low-code platforms

Our Vision

Build powerful enterprise applications customized to your business needs. Automate routine work processes so that you and your team can focus on job tasks that matter most.


Our goal is to democratize digital transformation. Case Platform helps you to use and integrate advanced technologies for the development of your business.


Our platform connects data, people and workflows of an organization and makes your business competitive and profitable.


We strive to make technologies accessible to everyone. Using our platform, any entrepreneur or company employee with no programming skills will be able to develop business applications on their own.


news and events

1 April 2022
Collaboration with Softline — a global solution provider in the digital transformation and cyber security sphere — will help customers in more than 50 countries to digitalize their businesses. This is a major strategic step in scaling Case Studio, which will simplify automating large companies and corporations.
28 January 2022
The Market.CNews marketplace has presented the first Russian rating of low-code platforms 2021, where FIS and Case Studio have been included in top-3 and have taken the 1st place as a product with the optimal balance of price and functionality. Here we explain how we managed to create a balanced and convenient product among heavy low-code platforms.
10 November 2021
Case Studio continues to enter global markets due to the new promising collaboration. The partnership with Microline has helped introduce a new no-code platform for automating businesses for banks and fintech companies.
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