The best way to develop the information system for the business of the future.

CasePlatform is for fast creating, launching and development of business applications.

Create a data model

Add the types to the data model of the application. Add the field to the types: simple, computable, linked to other types. Just create a data model. CasePlatform will take care of the database structure by itself. The data model can be changed to fit your needs all the time, it will not cause a rework the entire application.

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Build a business process

The business process defines the logic of the application’s work. In enterprise applications, it is quite complicated. How to simplify the design of the application logic? Do not program! Build the business process directly in the form of a chart into Designer application. To realize all your needs there is a library of prefabricated units. There is the opportunity to decompose processes for easy co-operative work. All application logic lays open before you.

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Design the forms

Design a user-friendly interface in a visual designer. Just drag the elements from the Library onto the form. There are more than 40 prefabricated items in the library. The elements connect to the data by means of a simple expression language, and they are ready to use. Each element of the library has an extensive set of properties. You can adapt them to fit your needs, to solve your problems. If necessary, you have the option to configure the interaction between the elements on the form. Bonus – save your customized elements and entire forms to use them in other forms.

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We love visual tools - they help to make complex things simple.